Welcome to the Afton-Lakeland PTA website which provides a centralized location for PTA news, fundraisers, events and opportunities to volunteer at PTA-sponsored events. We raise money through several fundraisers; in addition the PTA strives to build community in our school, advocate for our students and enhance the communication between home and school. We encourage you to support the PTA by attending our monthly meetings, at 6:30 p.m. generally on the second Monday of the month in the media center. For the latest news, please scroll down on this page or go to our PTA news page.

Our email address is: afton-lakeland@hotmail.com
How to log in to this website
All parents and school staff who receive PTA emails are already in the volunteer database on this website. To access the volunteer schedule or register for Prairie Fire Theater, which are hidden on password-protected pages, you first need to log in to the website. 
Step 1: Enter username: your email address, the same email at which you receive PTA emails.
Step 2: Enter password: this has already been assigned by the website; please click "forgot password" and a password will be emailed to you. Once logged in you can set a new password if you'd like, click on "my account" to get to a new password entry page. 
ONCE YOU SUCCESSFULLY LOGIN: You will see a new page that says “Volunteer,” go to this page to find our upcoming events that need your help. If you do not see this new page, you are not logged in. While you are on the website, please visit other the non-public page called "Directory" and enter your family's information for use in an upcoming school directory.  
IF YOU ARE REGISTERING FOR THE FIRST TIME: If you have registered for the first time, have changed email addresses, or want to add a home email address instead of a work address, simply register on the site as a new user and choose a password. Your registration does not gain you instant access to the Volunteer or Play registration pages; a PTA board member has to approve your email. The PTA is notified of all new users and can verify that the email is from a school parent. **IT CAN TAKE ANYWHERE FROM SEVERAL HOURS TO A DAY OR TWO TO VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ON OUR WEBSITE.** We appreciate your patience.
If you experience problems logging on, do not contact school, and it has nothing to do with background checks at school. Please email the webmaster for assistance at: dstynsberg@gmail.com